The Source of Success

Understanding the deciding factor in our personal and professional lives.

This seminar is for individuals, people in the public sector or health sector, business people, sports people… In fact it is for anyone, like you and me, who is ready to be shown the simplest way to make the biggest change.

A very interactive workshop, it is based on a transformative inside-out approach that addresses the root of how we’re designed… and therefore has a positive impact on all areas of our lives.

The system is working inside of us whether we know about it or not, and through gaining an understanding of this, we get a new perspective on our life, allowing us to see how simple, graceful and perfect it is.


MICK TOMLINSON originates from the UK and currently lives with his wife in Greece. He is a Tai Chi and qigong teacher, and is a certified NLP life coach. In 2012, he came across the inside-out understanding, The Three Principles, which changed everything. He now works as a Three Principles facilitator/coach with a focus on energy, wellbeing and physical health. He loves to help others see possibilities where it appears there are none.

LISE DANDANELL originates from Denmark and is also living there. She is a singer and a Psychotherapist, and from 2013 a Transformative coach and Three Principles facilitator, with focus on mental health. She gives talks, seminars and offers supervision for individuals and business people both in Denmark and abroad.

Mick and Lise started working together after they had both participated in a training for professional facilitators with Dr Jack Pransky in 2014/15.

The seminar will be held in English.