24-26 June 2015
Hotel Estia
Finikounda - Messinia
The Peloponnese

A unique opportunity to relax and unwind in a beautifully unspoilt part of Greece (just see for yourself!), whilst at the same time diving deeper into how to share the Principles more effectively.

Retreat in Greece June 2015

Unlocking the Deeper Realms of
One-to-One Work

Have you noticed that as much as people themselves understand the Three Principles, when it comes to helping individuals, some practitioners seem to be more effective than others, even while everyone has their own styles? Even while there are common, key elements, there are subtleties within each that may make the greatest difference.

How can we improve our effectiveness with others, whether it be coaching or counseling or simply helping friends in need? The answer is simple, and it is elegant. But as anyone who truly understands the Three Principles knows, the more simple and elegant the answer, the deeper it gets and the exploration is never-ending.

All answers for everyone, including our most difficult and troubled clients, already exist; we practitioners simply have to discover them. But how, especially when we get stuck or when clients become resistant?

The purpose of this seminar and workshop is to vastly improve success with clients, no matter whom you have studied with or what you now know, because if we are not 100% successful with everyone, there is still more to know. This seminar will provide the opportunity for practice and feedback in a relaxed, peaceful and loving, safe atmosphere. We won’t take ourselves too seriously while doing important work. Bring your toughest cases to discuss. Participants will guide the direction of this seminar with the intent to meet each attendee’s needs.

Kill two birds with one stone. Combine work with pleasure, visiting wondrous, beautiful Greece, among the spirits of Thales, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Zeus.